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Is posting private information allowed?

Posting private information (referred to as “dox”) is not permitted on the platform.

If you or somebody you represent are being doxxed, please email [email protected].

Please include all content which you consider to be doxxing, as well as context.

In general, we do not take action on dox material unless reported by the target or officially on behalf of the target.

Media Coverage

In general, if the target’s dox information has received media coverage from a news outlet (by which we define a publication with at least three full-time employees and substantial traffic) then it is not doxxing.

Public Figures

We believe that public figures cannot be doxxed. For example, posting a picture of Elon Musk can never be considered doxxing.

Additionally, we do not believe that finding records associated with a public figure’s name can be considered dox material.

For example, if a user took Elon Musk’s name and dug up his criminal records, this cannot be considered dox.


If a livestreamer uses the pseudonym “Example” and has not published their true identity (be it their face, their name, or their address), then we would consider the publication of that information to be doxxing.


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