Content Policy

Scored has the goal of creating a thriving community platform. This document outlines our content policies, and provides background on our thinking.

We have four core values.

Politics and social issues are not entertainment.

The current social media landscape is one where everything is politicized.

This may be by design on behalf of mainstream platforms, since hate and anger drive engagement, and engagement drives revenue. However, this is not a tactic with which we wish to engage.

We want to separate politics and social issues from entertainment. If you did not seek out politics, then you should not be seeing it on this platform, and we will do our best to keep that from happening.

With that said, if you do want to see political content, we want you to find it, and will do our best to make that happen.

Be a platform for all.

Despite our strong stance on separating politics from entertainment, we do not believe that we, as a software company, have an ability to correctly and consistently create and apply dynamic rulesets.

We want to build a platform where everyone has the opportunity to find their community, as long as the content abides by the law.

Give control.

We give you control in the following ways:

  • we encourage you to build your own home feed, containing the communities that interest you.
  • we allow you to customize your trending feed, by enabling and disabling entire types of communities.
  • we support blocking communities.
  • we support blocking users.

Be flexible.

We believe that a platform like ours must be flexible where possible, while not relenting on other core values.

As an example, we wanted an app on the App Store, but we faced a problem – we allow content which app stores may not like, such as edgy memes.

We had three choices:

  • stand firm with our policies, and give up on the app.
  • change our policies in order to satisfy the App Stores.
  • deploy a censored version of the platform to App Stores with limited communities and different rules, but don’t change other versions.

We chose the third option.

Our “asks”.

As a community member.

Enjoy being here.

We aren’t on a mission to build a political weapon, we’re on a mission to build a social media platform that we can enjoy.

A platform where we can escape the politics and the social issues, but also where – if we actively choose to – we can view and share edgy memes, or call each other names.

We hope to cultivate a community which is honest but respectful, not fueled by politics, outrage, or hatred. A community which considers the human in each person, and treats others in the way that they would want to be treated.

It is not our goal to build a platform to drag anyone down.

As a moderator.

Don’t be overbearing. Every platform has tried overbearing moderation, and not a single faction is happy with the result.

Our “musts”.

In order to remain in good standing on the platform:

Follow the law.

Above all else, you must follow the law. We cannot, and do not wish, to propagate content which violates the law – even if we may disagree with the law.

To be clear, do not share content which would in any way violate any applicable federal, state, or local law of the United States of America (including, without limitation, any laws regarding the export of data or software to and from the US or other countries) and is not protected by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

This includes illegal threats and harassment.

Follow community rules.

Every community that you participate in has its own moderators, and those moderators have their own rules.

Some communities will have rules that you like, others will have rules that you disagree with.

Regardless of your thoughts on a community’s rules, you must follow them – or don’t participate there.

Keep politics in political communities.

Do not post political or social issue content in communities which aren’t tagged as political communities.

To be clear, if a community allows politics at any level, it is a political community. If it isn’t a political community, politics is strictly forbidden.

Match the community.

There may be communities where members call each other names and share edgy humor – this is okay.

It’s not okay to bring that edgy humor and name calling to communities which don’t have that same culture.

Don’t post spam.

Contribute to the platform because you enjoy it. If you’re consistently posting to promote affiliate links, your own website, or an agenda, this is considered spam.

Don’t share private information.

Sharing private and confidential information (“doxxing”) isn’t okay.

To find out what constitutes doxxing, see “Is posting private information allowed?”.

Don’t impersonate.

Don’t impersonate or attempt to impersonate an individual or entity in a deceptive manner, for a purpose that is not protected by the First Amendment.

Don’t share CSAM.

We do not tolerate content which sexualizes minors.


Enforcement of this policy may come in the following forms:

  • warnings, which may include a message and removal of the violating content.
  • temporary or permanent account bans.
  • removal of privileges from accounts.
  • adding restrictions to communities, such as marking the community as unsafe for work, or tagging a community as political.

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